About us

Who are we?

Since it was launched in 2012, the Chemo Cookery Club has grown into a phenomenon which has helped ten's of thouands of people in their fight against cancer. It is brainchild of chef and carer Penny Ericson who spent five years caring for her husband Simon as he battled against cancer. Originally the website concentrated solely on food and nutrition but has recently been extended to provide very useful resources in other important areas such as exercise and skin & hairacre. 

The book Chemo Cookery Club which was published in 2013 is packed with many delicious recipes to help make everyday food a positive part of life for cancer sufferers and their carers. With tempting treats and healthy food ideas, the emphasis is on the nutritional values that can make a difference, as a result Chemo Cookery Club remains 'the bible' for many cancer patients and healthcare professionals. Perhaps most importantly, this is a book that lifts the spirits - especially when food and diet can become a bit tricky.

If you or someone you love are going through treatment, Chemo Cookery Club will help you not only create delicious meals and snacks that tantalise the tastebuds no matter how experienced - or otherwise - you are in the kitchen, but it will also provide you with sensible advice on exercise and looking after your appearance. The book has been enthusiastically endorsed by major cancer charities including Macmillan Cancer Support who have added Chemo Cookery Club to their core list of essential reading.

Meet the team

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Penny celebrates everyday meals and how they contribute to wellness, both physically and emotionally. If you're struggling with loss of appetite, wondering how to get more iron into your diet, wanting to relieve 'metal mouth' or dismayed that the foods you used to love now seem boring and tasteless as a result of treatment, Penny can help.

Barbara Parry MSc RD provides the nutritional information and recipe analysis and along with Penny has invented the easy-to-follow 'Thumbs-up guide' which is unique in analysing every recipe for untritional value. Thus enabling you to target the nutrients you need.

Exercise is increasingly proven to be a fundimental key to wellness and Sarah Gibbings has joined the Chemo Cookery Club to provide the very best possible exercise advice and guidance.

Finally but by no means least, looking good helps you feel good and we have drafted in experienced hair and skincare expert Ian Carmichael to provide important tips and guidance to help you feel as well as possible.